FAST GROUP of COMPANIES Appreciation Night
4 April 2014 / Isabela Ballroom, Makati Shangri-la Manila

The annual Customers’ Appreciation Night was held on April 4, 2014, at the Isabela Ballroom of the Makati Shangri-la Manila. Last year’s event gave recognition to the length of partnerships, through an “awards night,” where plaques of appreciation sealed and affirmed the bond that the Company had with each of its partners/customers.

This year, management decided that these partnerships need to be nurtured, enhanced and strengthened, and one way of achieving this is to go through a learning experience -- together. As such, two distinguished gentlemen, experts in their own fields, were invited to speak on topics of interest. One such gentleman was Dr. Bernie Villegas, economist and founder of the University of Asia & the Pacific, shared his outlook on the country’s economy, as well as current industry trends. The session proved to be interesting, as it presented relevant and useful information for most businesses, as evidenced by the various inputs during the Q&A.

The other speaker was Mr. Mark Millar, a consultant and educator, with a distinguished international track record in Supply Chain and Logistics, which includes 15 years in the Asia Pacific region, who presented his insights on trends and innovations in Supply Chain ecosystems. The session provided a lot of food for thought, as the theories presented may have affirmed and validated current practices.

The host and moderator for the evening, was an equally distinguished gentleman, a professor, lecturer and Director of the University of the Asia & Pacific, Dr. Tonton Torralba, whose wit and humor made the sessions more relaxed, than what may have been grueling to others.

The evening began with refreshments, as guests gathered at the foyer for a chance to mingle and catch up on each other’s goings on. The atmosphere was pleasant, and didn’t bother about competitors breathing the same air. It gave one the feeling that everyone present just wanted to be among friends. No pressure. No stress. Conducting a symposium was not just a good idea but, the perfect way to improve synergy with our customers. We work together, we learn together. As the lecture hall doors opened, and guests were ushered in, the assurance that we can look forward to many productive years with our business partners was sealed. With a sumptuous night and musical entertainment to cap the event, it truly was a most pleasant experience!

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