What is safety milestone recognition?

The Safety Milestone Recognition is an incentive award given to a company that achieved excellence in safety performance of having NO LOST TIME ACCIDENTS for particular period.

The program aims to motivate and encourage more companies to be steadfast in the implementation of OSH programs and activities thus facilities compliance with the provision of the OSH standards resulting to a safe and healthful workplace.

Through the years, the Department of Labor and Employment(DOLE) together with Bureau of Working Conditions(BWC) has been continuously initiating activities and programs for an effective administration and enforcement of OSH standards.

Among these initiatives is the safety recognition of companies for the commitment in implementing OSH programs and activities which have resulted to having no disabling injuries or no lost time activities.

To qualify on the said Safety Mileston Recognition the company should

The Criteria are as follows;

Here are the benefits of the Safety Milestone Recognition Program

The award provides recognition, prestige and honor for the company.

The company serves as role model on occupational safety and health.

The company gets rebate on its insurance coverage/premium.

Encourage and motivate more companies to be steadfast in the implementation of the OSH standards.

Best practices on safety and health are shared among companies.

And for the first time for the year 2010, FSC Lipa, FSC SDC and FSC NDC got the said award because they did everything for the sake of everyone's safety not only in health aspect but also in the environment.