Swimming Safety Tips

On a hot summer day, nothing feels better than a dip in the pool. Swimming is great exercise and a lot of fun, but before you jump in, make sure you know the facts about water safety.

The following safety tips can be help:


Learn to swim.

The best way for you to stay safe is to learn how to swim. The American Red Cross and the YMCA offer swimming classes for people of any skill level. Check with your local pool of your school to see if they offer any swimming classes.



Never swim alone.

Always swim with a friend while an adult is watching. Also, follow the rules of your parents, the lifeguard, and the pool where you are swimming.



Dont dive into water unless you know how deep it is.

Enter feet first if you dont know the depth. All above-ground pools are too shallow for diving.



Dont chew gum or eat while swimming.

You could easily choke. Also, avoid swimming right after a big meal.



Stay clear of diving boards while swimming.

The person diving off the board may not see you.